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5 Cool Things in The World According to Poo


From the Doghouse: Poo’s Picks for Valentine’s Day

  Hi! My name is Sebastian and I'll be your hairy guest host for this week's edition of 5 Cool Things. First, a few quick notes to the uninformed – poodles do not have fur, so you will never see me refer to myself as your furry guest host. And, just because I have an exquisitely coiffed hairdo does not mean I am a girl. God made boy poodles, too. To my folks (aka my people), close friends, … [Read More...]

5 Cool Things in Food & Travel


From the Flight Deck: Edible

Welcome to the first installment of my new addition to Culinary Eden — 5 Cool Things. In this week's segment, From the Flight Deck, I'm focusing on news I found interesting in the world of travel (as it relates to food, of course). Simply click on the headlines at the beginning of each paragraph to read the referenced articles, then follow them up by reading my comments. Or vice-versa — I'm … [Read More...]



An Intentional Word of the Year

The delightfully quirky 2007 movie "Waitress" easily fits into the top 10 of my all-time favorite food movies. Keri Russell stars as Jenna, an unhappily married waitress living in the deep South. … [Read More...]


The Beet, Turnip & Apple Salad, Olive Oil Give-Away, Leaking Ceiling & Pancakes Story

  This morning I woke up with 3 things on my mind... (1) "Wow, that was really a weird dream." My house was a combination of my current modern home and one I lived in as a young adult. This … [Read More...]

Salmon Taco

Salmon Tacos, Leftovers & Rules

  I have a confession... I have a really quirky set of personal food rules. I know my rules drive people nuts, yet I still fully embrace them. I'm particularly proud to say, too, that after … [Read More...]

Persimmon Fennel Salad with Almonds and Cheese

Persimmon Fennel Salad Recipe

  Now that Thanksgiving has passed (often a four day feast for many of us), it's time to look … [Read More...]

Paper Napkins

Napkins Rule

  Not too long ago I stumbled across an interesting and … [Read More...]

Chocolate Brownie Triple Nut Pie sliced

Incredibly Amazing Dark Chocolate Brownie Triple Nut Pie Recipe

  Thanksgiving will be on top of us in just a matter of days, … [Read More...]

Bean Heart Art

The Way to the Heart…

  I would venture to guess that most of you have heard the old … [Read More...]