I love to cook and eat (most everything), but hate to clean up (ugh). I also live (that was not a typo) to draw and paint (traditional and digital), design cool things for clients (logos, posters, websites…), and travel to far away places (most returned to cities – Paris, San Francisco, NYC, and Barcelona).

I used to live near the Pacific Ocean in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Wine Country of Northern California, and it felt like I was going on vacation every time I stepped out the door. Fast forward 5 years and I found myself transplanted to Central Arkansas. Yes, back home to the South where I lived the first half of my life. Along with my new sidekick “Simon” (my silver standard poodle puppy), I’m still having a blast eating fabulous foods, tasting great wines, and traveling the world.

Culinary Eden was in its infancy back when I started it in 2012, then when the proverbial shit hit the fan in my life, I put it on hiatus. And here we are, in 2018. I’ll be adding more posts, especially about the world of travel as it relates to art and food, so hang in there while I build up the archives.

I’ll also be following my dream of setting up a shop for my line of custom designed kitchen and dining textiles. Additionally, I hope there will be guest writers sharing news on wine and food pairings, cheese, party planning, travel tips, and more.

Be sure to check me out on instagram, pinterest, and facebook for things that don’t make this blog, plus you’ll get to see my other interests that I’ve shared:

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