From the Doghouse: Poo’s Picks for Valentine’s Day

Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’ll be your hairy guest host for this week’s edition of 5 Cool Things. First, a few quick notes to the uninformed – poodles do not have fur, so you will never see me refer to myself as your furry guest host. And, just because I have an exquisitely coiffed hairdo does not mean I am a girl. God made boy poodles, too. To my folks (aka my people), close friends, and even strangers on Facebook, I’m known by various “pet” names — Poo, Poodle, Buddy, Puppy, Poodle Doodle, and Birdy (Mom’s slip-of-the-tongue name for me left over from her cockatiel days). Just another clarification, because you will see references to me in other posts and wonder just how many poodles my people actually have.


So, regardless of what you choose to call me (Poo is my favorite, btw), just know that I’m ecstatic to be finally sharing my first post with my Mom’s beloved Culinary Eden readers! And, what better way to start things off than with my own Valentine’s Day list of 5 Cool Things:

Newman’s Own Organic Peanut Butter Dog Treats
I died and went to heaven the first time I tasted these awesome peanut butter treats. The folks originally offered me the salmon and chicken varieties, which I also thought were great, but they didn’t especially like the odiferous after-effects of those flavors. I usually get treats as a reward for asking to go outside to do my biz, or for performing stupid pet tricks for dinner guests. However, being the intelligent creature that I am, I have actually trained my people to feel sorry for me by giving them “The Look.” You know the one. Used properly it can mean: “You have been ignoring me all day long and I am going to sit here and stare at you until you pet me.” Then there is, “I’m absolutely adorable right now and you should give me a treat simply because I am so darn cute!” And lastly, my favorite, “You have been gone FOREVER and I thought you were NEVER EVER coming back!” On a special note to my canine friends reading this: if you sit obediently and lower your snout as far down as you can, while still making eye contact as you gaze upward, you will look especially woeful. This will significantly increase the guilt factor your people already feel, and is all but guaranteed to bring a tasty treat to your tongue.

Newman's Own Organic Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Dog Chews>
Back in the Fall I went on a road trip with the folks up the California coast to the quaint little town of Mendocino. We stayed at a fabulous dog-friendly resort, The Stanford Inn, where the ladies at the front desk greeted me with my own bowls, spreads to cover the furniture, and these amazingly tasty sweet potato chews. Here’s a recipe I found on how to make them. Now if I can just convince my Mom to buy a food dehydrator, I’ll be set!

sweet potato dog treat

Valentine’s Day Treats for Dogs
This link leads to several mighty tasty treat recipes that I hope I get to try. Soon. Hint, hint…
Table Foods Pets Shouldn’t Eat
What? No beer and guacamole with my tortilla chips? And no onions and garlic in my pasta sauce? Seriously, all I can have is that same old dried dog food, day in and day out? And you wonder why I stare at you while you’re eating. Actually, it’s another one of those guilt trip psychological things I’m trying on you. One day you just might cave in. Your guests do. You didn’t know that, did you?
Valentine’s Day Tips for Pets
Well, Mom, I guess you had better get cooking all of those new treats, because when I see the chocolate hit the floor, I’m diving for it!

(Note: My Mom was not compensated for promoting these products or links.)


  1. Okay, now that was such a fun post! And I can totally see the poor me Poo faces!

    • Thanks, Kristen. I’ve got a few more in the works about his vacation trips with us. It’s fun to put my head inside his. I need to get back on here and start writing again. Thanks so much for stopping in!

  2. Very cute, Poo

  3. Deegy Landers says:

    As a pet person and Poo’s human grandmother, I greatly enjoyed his post. It is so easy to believe it was him speaking…….

  4. Great post, Poo! I read the whole thing with your special voice in my head which I will have to imitate for your mom. Never heard of sweet potato chews, will have to get some for your girlfriend, Cherry.

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